Can Anaplan read data past model calendar?

edited August 2023 in Modeling

I used the PERIOD function to fill in the dates for a filter I am using in Month LU line item.

But Anaplan isn't reading any dates past 2025. Model calendar ends 2024, is that why?

Best Answer

  • rob_marshall


    Yes, try using a Time Range for that module encapsulating those dates. Or if you don't need those dates, you can ignore them.


  • Thanks @rob_marshall

    Question about setting up a time range for this module. We are running out of space. How do I set up a time range that can optimize the space we have left?

  • @empressjewel

    Hard to tell without more information nor how you you will be using this module or other modules needing data from this module. With that said, you can create time ranges and only have certain modules use them.

  • @empressjewel looks like you are just trying to capture the period in Month LU line item. This does not need the model calendar increased. You can simply create a dummy time range as Rob has suggested and the period formula will automatically read the missing time members. If you don't use this dummy time range in any module as a dimension there is no impact on model space