Pulling data into Anaplan from a file (.csv/.xlsx) which is stored at a share location

Hi team,

For one of our enagements, we have a requirement wherein the client wants Anaplan to refresh the data that exits in file on a regular interval.

Following are the assumptions:

  1. The file data can be simple text formatted and will come to Anaplan inside a line item.
  2. The data in the file will be altered by multiple users who has access to the shared location.
  3. We can use cloudworks to schedule a the refresh, (if required)

Is there any way where Anaplan will be able to pull data from a file (maintained at a fixed shared location)?

Any help or references would be appericiated. :)


  • Hi Shraddha, looks like Anaplan connect will have to be used here

    What kind of environment is the shared location? Is it a sharedrive or any server?

  • Hi anirudh,

    The shared location could be Sharepoint or it is flexible as per Anaplan's convinience.