Alternate Hierarchy


Apologies, fairly new to Anaplan and looking to create an alternate hierarchy to that which we currently have built

When I say alternate hierarchy, I'm assuming that is what is required as we essentially want to retain the below (D1a SBU Summary) but then also have a hierarchy where would we have a couple of subtotal in addition to the Industrial , Medical and Shared ones below. Example combining say Aerospace and Automotive into a "Transport" subtotal.

I would welcome any suggestions in terms of approach to this and advise if any further details are required.

Many Thanks,


  • Hi @ChrisMcCarthy

    For this to achieve, you need to insert one more list between D1 and D1a. Insert items in it that you need, for e.g - Transport. Change Parent of D1a from D1 to this new list.

    Before making this change, you'd also need to check where are D1a list are referred in a formula using Parent. As this will restrict updating the Parent of D1a before removing the formula