UX Filter Issue


Hi all,

I'm having a hard time trying to build a UX filter.

I have two lists:

  1. SS No ITC Customer
  2. SS No Product | Customer No Trading partner

In particular, the SS No Product | Customer No Trading partner list is a concatenation of product and customer (yes, the same customer of SS No ITC Customer).

What I want to do is to filter the product of theSS No Product | Customer No Trading partner list, depending on what I choose as a customer.

I built three modules:

  1. Selection module, in the selection line item you pick the customer from the SS No ITC Customer list

2.Mapping module, the list is the SS No Product | Customer No Trading partner, while in the mapping line item you choose a member of the SS No ITC Trading Customer list. A customer may have more than one product.

3. The last module has the SS No Product | Customer No Trading partner list. The Mapped Customer line item takes the customer from the mapping module, while the Chosen Customer line item follows this formula:

IF Sal Customer Choice test.Selection[LOOKUP: 'SYS18 Users'.User List] = Mapped Customer THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE

What I would expect would be a checked boolean everytime the chosen customer matches mapped customer, but instead what I have is the opposite. In fact, all the booleans in correspondence of my name are unchecked and obviously also the products belonging to the customer I'm interested in.

How should I solve this problem?

Thanks in advance


  • TristanS
    edited August 2023

    @LucaRicci The only thing I can think of that may be causing the problem is the use of [LOOKUP: 'SYS18 Users'.User List].

    Question: Is the module "SAL Customer Choice test" dimensioned by custom "User" list and not the native Users list supplied by Anaplan? If you are using the Anaplan native "Users" dimension then can you try removing the [LOOKUP: 'SYS18 Users'.User List].

    If you are using a custom User list, can you check what the value is for SYS18 Users'.User List for the user you are executing against. Also, I'm curious why are using a custom User list. Is it possible to use the native Anaplan Users list?

  • @TristanS Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately, here's what happens when I try to do as you suggest

    It basically does nothing. Also, in the past I already used that [LOOKUP: 'SYS18 Users'.User List], the difference was that I was filtering using the same list in all modules while now I am working with two different lists and this solution does not seem to work.

  • Hi @LucaRicci,

    I think it's a time dimension causing the problem.

    You're getting TRUE Value because anaplan checks the total level of the time hierarchy which. The mapping value aat this level is "BLANK" and also if you don't select a specific customer you get "IF BLANK = BLANK then TRUE else FALSE"
    Try to set "Not applicable" time scale in SAL01 Quantity Plan and master scheduling for line item mapped customer.

    Also instead of formulas like If A = B then TRUE else FALSE you can just type A=B.


  • @Konstantin97 it works, thanks for your help!