Boolean dependent selection with DCA

I am trying to find a solution to my module : I have 3 booleans

  • Boolean A
  • Boolean B
  • Boolean C

The Booleans B and C can be selected only if Boolean A is selected. I have used the DCA for this. The DCA is a simple one : A. The DCA is applied to B and C.

My question is : when I deselect the Boolean A, the Boolean B or C that were previously selected, stay selected. How can I deselect them? Basicly, what I want is: when deselecting the Boolean A, I want the Boolean B or C that were previously selected, to deselect automaticly when deselect the Boolean A. Thank you

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  • TristanS
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    @ilincach just to confirm my understanding is correct. I'm assuming A, B and C are all editable line items (has no formula applied against them). When you set A to FALSE, you want B and C to automatically set to FALSE as well. As it may be possible you may have set B or C to true when you initially set A to TRUE.

    Short answer is that you cannot "automatically" set B and C to FALSE

    But there are are workarounds you can do that can have similar desired effect by applying the following steps:

    1. Apply a read only DCA on B and C based A being selected (If not done yet). I know you've applied DCA on write permissions but not sure about the read DCA permissions. When you apply DCA on the read this will show B and C as empty "giving a visual impression" that B and C has no value or set to FALSE
    2. Create another intermediate line item for both B and C line items. E.g. "Intermediate B" and "Intermediate C". They will have the following formula
      * Intermediate B = If NOT A then FALSE else B
      * Intermediate C = If NOT A then FALSE else C
    3. Update any formula that references that uses B and C to use the Intermediate line items instead.

    Another alternative is to have an action button that users or can be scheduled to run to set B and C to FALSE when A is FALSE