How can I go from 2 dimensions to 3 with a many to many relation?


I have a model for a company that sells books, with the following relationships:

[Store - School] - many to many

The books from one school can be sold ate many stores, and each store sells books from many schools

(used a boolean model with dimensions store and school)

[School - Subject- SKU] - many to one

For each subject each school adots one only SKU, each SKU can be adopt for more than one school)

I need to relate them in a 3rd model , in order to have in each store only the SKU's it sells

[Store - SKU]

However, since the [Store - School] relation is many to many I can not use a lookup as usual, can you help me solving this?

Thank you so much


  • @versilva It you want to get the boolean from [Store - School] module and bring it into the module [Store - SKU] , you can do it by using lookup by School from the system SKU module which, if I understood correctly is in hierarchy with Subject and School (in the SKU module you can define a line-item School as parent(paren(SKU)).

    However, in Store - SKU module you will have TRUE for all the SKUs of that school. This means that all SKUs of a particular School are sold in a Store. Not sure if this is what you want.

  • Thank you so much!
    That is what I want to start with, I will then have to apply some criteria.

    I could not understand the part of the system module.

    Sku is in hierarchy with subject, but it is not in hierarchy with school because the same SKU can "belong" to more than one school. This is the core of the problem I am having trouble solving :(

  • @versilva : in that case, you will need

    DAT01 [Store - School] module: boolean with valid combination Store-School

    DAT02 [School - SKU] module: boolean with valid combination School-SKU

    CALC01 [Store - School - SKU ] module: boolean to put together the DAT01 DAT02 booleans in AND and with summary Any.

    CALC02 [Store - SKU] Take the boolean from CALC01 at total School. it should give the result of the Store - SKU combinations.

    Hope it helps