Check Your Work - issue with beginning inventory numbers - can anyone please help!

Hi, my numbers on beginning inventory aren't changing from 13,000 below -

Sharing the relevant screenshot incl SYS01 Time Settings By Week - any help would appreciated as why the numbers from beginning inventory are getting referenced prroperly…

Also, to add, when I'm changing the formula to IF (…) from IF NOT (..) earlier, the values are now changing to ending inventory as below..

Don't know how to fix .. issue is driving me crazy …

Thank you so much!

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  • PreetiJain
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  • PreetiJain
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    Hi @anand.shekhawat , @JaredDolich

    would you pls be able to help here…

  • How does your "not first week of calendar" values look like. I assume that's problem in your module that your if else clause never hit's the point where it should take beginning inventory from DAT01 module

  • Hi @PreetiJain

    The below screen looks good to me.

    But, If we analyze the data for 'Beginning Inventory' it is always pulling the Previous of the 'Ending Inventory'

    It never goes into the else part to pull the data from DAT.01 Module.

    So I would want you to check the 'Not 1st week of Timescale?' line item in the SYS.01 Module. The logic should be written in such a way that the boolean should be unchecked for the 'Week 1 FY20' and remain checked for the rest of the time scale.

    Please let me know if it helps.



  • Hi @anand.shekhawat , please see below formula used in the SYS01 module but what should I change here to make the first box unchecked here in FY20 column.. please help.

    Thank you.