Importing Module with LIS into another Model without LIS


In this pivot image, "Plant Cost Category" is the LIS, and one of the Line Items here is called "Actuals From Staging". I want to import a saved view of this module into a different model but there are few issues:

First, I only want the "Actuals From Staging" values in the new module but it appears to be aggregating across the rest of the line items in the source. In the saved view, I "showed" the "Actuals From Staging" but that didn't solve the aggregation issue.

Second, instead of having the LIS items be a LIS, I want those items to be the new Line Items in the target module. If I export the view and import it via CSV into the new module it works fine, but I want this to be a recurring action to update actuals and use for UX purposes.

Is there a way to complete this model → model import without creating a LIS in the target model or finicking with the source model/module too much?

Thank you in advance!


  • @rexmanu - are you able to share blueprint views of the target and source modules? Also, it may help to include screenshots of the import action.

  • Hi,

    I would consider setting all dimensions except line items to rows and line items in columns. Then filter rows accordingly so you have only rows that are valid for your import. Then save this as saved view and do import from that saved view. This should help with your import.