"Invalid name" error

Hi all

When I try to import into a list I receive the error "invalid name". Do you know where I can find the explanation of this error?

Thank you.

Pic attached.


  • Hi SAtrane, the explanation is there in your screenshot but a short one - Column "_Error_1_"

    Seems like 34 are updated correctly, but 112 failed. I can see a number of "Invalid name: COUETTE", you might want to check the Famille (List?) and see if there is a spelling mistake.

  • Reason is that Anaplan doesn't accept duplicate names (unless you are using numbered list with Display Name). It seems that you have multiple items with name COUETTE. Anaplan has created/updated item succesfully with first row with name COUETTE but raises errors with remaining rows as an item with name COUETTE exists in the list already.

  • @ uno online

    I think you should R\remove any leading or trailing spaces from the name you're importing, as they can cause the "invalid name" error.

  • richieb123
    edited February 8

    That doesn't worked in my case @carmatec