Go to Market pre-requisite


Can anyone tell me if you need to be a model builder to do the GTM sales certification? I know you do for pre-sales as it clearly states on the course information but can't find any information regarding any pre-requisite qualifications for the sales course.



  • Hi @Vickief42

    Indeed, for pre-sales is required some MB knowledge, as you are asked to build a demo model and present it.

    As far as i remember, no MB experience or training is required for the sales / GTM trainings. Have you tried enrolling the courses? If is not explicitly requested and you can enrol, go for it!



  • Hi @AlejandroGomez

    Thanks for that, I have enrolled on the sales and it doesn't say but thought I'd read it somewhere else that you did but struggled to find the article again. I'll just go for it as you suggest and see what happens!


  • I think you will be just fine, good luck!