Newsletter, August 2023 (Benelux)

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Welcome to this month’s Anaplan Customer Newsletter! This content will help keep you apprised of the latest in our collaboration, inform you of product updates and industry news, and connect you with our broader Anaplan community and resources to stay at the top of your game.


August newsletter includes:

  • Anaplan Product Updates
  • Upcoming Releases/Maintenance
  • Anaplan Events and Community Updates
  • General Industry Reads
  • New Customer Stories
  • Anaplan FAQs and Tips


Anaplan Product Updates : subscribe to Anaplan’s feature updates page to stay on top of upcoming releases. Here are a few highlights:  


Upcoming Releases/Maintenance  


Anaplan Events and Community Updates

  • Anaplan Connect Global Event Series : Anaplan Connect continues to show up in cities across the globe where you can get access to a dynamic community of industry experts sharing new ways to see, plan, and lead your organization to growth. Haven’t had the chance to join in person yet? You can explore the previous customer sessions on-demand today !  
  • Anaplan Connect Leuven: Tuesday, October 10th 2023 - 2:00pm to 6:00pm
  • Anaplan Connect Utrecht: Tuesday, November 28 - 8:30 am - 2:00pm
  • The third episode of Journey | Anaplan Community Podcast is live, featuring “The Guy with the Sign” — Certified Master Anaplanner Daanish Soomar . Hear Daanish’s story on the power of perseverance and innovative storytelling, his unique career journey, becoming a Certified Master Anaplanner , and more.  
  • Customer Advocacy positions you and your organization as innovators—and can even help you recruit talent and advance your own career—by sharing the compelling, relevant work you do with the Anaplan platform. Visit our newly launched program page on Community to learn more!  


General Industry Reads  

  • How to plan a winning sales strategy in a resource-constrained environment : Discover the key to achieving predictable and profitable growth with effective sales capacity planning. In an ever-changing business landscape, sales leaders must prioritize aligning sales targets with team capacity to bridge performance gaps and avoid costly attrition. Learn how Anaplan's AI-powered solutions empower sales leaders to optimize their sales strategies, enhance productivity, and gain a competitive edge in today's resource-constrained economy.  
  • Empowering FP&A to bridge the strategy-execution gap : Learn how Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) can play a pivotal role in bridging the gap by aligning strategic targets, improving planning processes, and emphasizing the connection between financial results and overall corporate strategies.


New Customer Stories  


Anaplan FAQs and Tips  

  • In this new How I Built It’ tutorial , Fabien Junod and Jami Segoria from Autodesk share a few elegant solutions to improve the end user experience in the new UX.  
  • Certified Master Anaplanner Philipp Erkinger shares his lessons learned from implementing Polaris . Read his learnings and what new skills you’ll gain from a Polaris implementation.  
  • If you’ve ever been asked, “What documentation do we have on our monthly process in Anaplan?” you’ll want to check out this new article from Certified Master Anaplanner Marc Weinzimmer . Marc explores the idea of a Runbook, and recommendations on model documentation .