Running multiple processes with one click?


Is it possible to run multiple process with single click and also be able to define the sequence of process.

Similar to Actions


  • @snigdhakapila

    No, not at this time.

  • Hi @snigdhakapila

    I don't think so you can run multiple processes in a single click. What you could do is, create a 'Master Process' and include all the actions from the respective processes into it in a sequence that you would like it to run.

    I think, it should work.


  • Maybe it can be included in a batch script

  • Hi @snigdhakapila , You can use cloudworks "Flow" feature to run multiple process at a time


  • Hi all,
    Thanks for your response, Can not automate it as we need to upload the file via user but definitely can create a Master Process.
    Thanks for suggesting the way arounds.