How to enable the count function for KPI in an UX page?

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I'm trying to enable my summary setting in a local KPI, the data is following from the module on the UX Page. The line item that I want to have the count function enabled is a list. I tried using a formula in the module to enable it but it has not been successful. What should I do?


  • Hi @Keerthana99

    I am not totally sure I understood your message, but seems to me that you want to count how many times a list item is listed in your module, something similar to a Countif in excel.

    Just create a line item next to your list-formatted line item called "count", formatted as number and with "1" as formula.

    Then create a new module using as dimension the same list as used in the format which items you want to count

    Finally, use the sum function with the following syntax: Sourcemodule.count[SUM:sourcemodule.list-formatttedLI]

    see below for more details: