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Hello All,

I use the same DEV model for three different production models that represent three different divisions at the company but pretty much the same design. Recently, I needed to add new developments to one of the models, but I do not want to push that functionality to other two models. Now, I need to make a new change two other models. Should I just restore the DEV before the changes after I am done and make changes and push? Or is there a better way to deal with the issue? Thanks

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  • jasonblinn
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    I would recommend picking one of two methodologies, although I am sure there are options out there:

    1. Use 1 DEV and have all models be structurally the same and write booleans into the logic to either include or exclude the region-specific logic. This would be ideal if the models are nearly identical with just some minor variations by Region.
    2. Have a DEV for each PROD model. Restoring DEV and making changes is not sustainable as you will lose compatibility quickly and it would be very complex to manage. If you needed to make the same update for all 3 PROD models, you would have to make those changes separately in each of your 3 DEV models.

    To me, it really comes down to how similar or different the models will be long term.



  • Want to echo Jason's comments here - unless the models will be structurally the same then you should have separate dev models. Managing compatibility will become a nightmare and will likely introduce a myriad of challenges (testing, audit, etc.).

  • Thanks @jasonblinn and @Tiffany.Rice, I appreciate the quick response. We assume that they are gonna be structurally the same, so I think we need to go with the option 1. What I am specifically trying to avoid is that in a three level hierarchy, I added a top level list, but I do not want that to be the case for two other models. I may add a dummy top level for two others as well, but I do not think making a change in the logic can avoid the hierarchy change.