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I want to delete the module's data efficiently. With 100+ modules, 
manually removing them one by one would be too time consuming. 

Don't you know how to do something?

Thank you

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  • Akhtar.shahbaz

    Hi @toshihiko ,

    Can you please explain the requirement more in detail why do you want to delete data from 100+ Modules?

    otherwise, you have to create multiple actions to clear the data from the modules, you can refer below link for your reference



  • toshihiko
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    thank you. The link you provided was very helpful.
    The reason for deleting the data is to delete the data entered in the previous year after 
    switching the fiscal year. About a third of the modules do not have a version in the dimension.

  • Badam
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    If I understand you currently you would like to delete the data in the modules after each year as it is no more relevant, please explore bulk copy functionality to copy 0 into these modules from one year into another year.

    Thanks & Regards

    Badam Anjani Prasad

    Matasma Digital


  • @Badam ,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Do you mean a bulk copy of versions?

    I'll try it.

  • Badam


    You can do it on time to time as well.

  • Bulk copy requires a source item, and in your case needs to be 0. It's also only for copying one item into another item. That would mean you'd have to use Bulk Copy multiple times for each target period to clear. Bulk copy is great but it's a blunt instrument with not a lot of fine control over other dimensions.

    I do have a question about why the previous year needs to be cleared. Formulas can certainly choose to treat prior year as zero and you can use DCA to effectively hide data in prior years if you don't want users to see them.