Remove the blank space to the left of list items in a Grid View


Hello Fellow Anaplanners,

Hope you are all doing great :)

While building a dashboard I got struck on something, I am thinking is there a way to remove the blank space which is caused by the parent hierarchy and show the child items at the left.

I though you might have tackled this before and help me on this.

Thank you!


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  • TristanS
    edited August 2023 Answer ✓

    @Vamshidhar Reddy There is an "undocumented" feature that enables removal of indents

    For example, prior to the sort this is what my grid looks like on the UX

    you do perform 2 steps to remove the indentation

    Step 1. Hide the other levels (refer to right hand screenshot below)

    Step 2. Apply a sort on any of the columns

    Then you get the result below (indent now gone 😉)


  • Hey @Vamshidhar Reddy,

    I've run across a similar request from end users during build. Unfortunately to the best of my knowledge there is no way to remove that indentation space if you are using a hierarchical list as your rows pivot.

    If you dont need to see certain top parent points, then hiding them when you setup your grid will help remove some of that indentation.