Did anyone faced this issue, why Anaplan is not allowing me to fetch Items using FINDITEM formula?

I have a list named Custom Weeks, and applied FINDITEM formula to get items against 'Next Start Date Text', but except Week 40 FY22 and Week 49 FY22, FINDITEM is not fetching items from the said list. Need help.

Formula for 'Next Start Date Text' : TEXT(MONTH(Start Date + 7)) & "/" & TEXT(DAY(Start Date + 7)) & "/" & TEXT(YEAR(Start Date + 7))

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  • @wolframarnab

    A couple of questions:

    • is the above row axis the Custom Weeks?
    • If so, what is the code that it is using?
      • if you don't have one, I highly suggest creating one where you can add 1 to it in order to get the next week.
    • Instead of breaking it down to the day, why not just add one to the code and do a finditem() on that.
    • How does the Custom week list differ from the regular Week list that comes with Anaplan or is the timescale for the model at the month level?


  • @rob_marshall Thank You,

    I got my answer, its the CODE which was mismatching.

    Yes the row represents Custom Weeks, and its not a regular Anaplan Weeks list, its created but uploading a file.

    The CODE of the Custom Weeks list is the Start Date, that's the reason, I was applying FINDITEM

  • eggy car Thanks!

    Even I am experiencing code mismatch errors. This is not a standard Anaplan Week list, but rather one made by importing a file, hence rows represent Custom Weeks.