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I am working with a demand plan for a school books retailer.
Every year, the retailer must update and incorporate into the model key data about the company, including:

  • The SKU list and its specifics (additions and deletions based on data supplied by suppliers)
  • The SKU that each school uses
  • The list of schools wich books are sold in each store
  • The stocks and previous year's sales data

This is a very important step because the main modules and listings depend on the modifications that the user will (hopefully) feature. Could you provide me with any advice or provide some examples of strong management practices?


  • Hi, @versilva

    1. here you can make use of modules writing on the basis of User roles.
    2. You should have the functionality of locking the data updation once the final user has done the changes. Once it is locked, no one will be able to change the transactional data or update Meta data.
    3. On the other hand, you can also make use of scenario planning / user planning where in sequence the changes in the data take place, and once all the changes are completed, you can define a particular user to Export out of the Anaplan to connect with the client's external systems.

    Hope these points help. If not please let me know what exactly you are looking out here, so that we can help you with that.

    Puneeth HP

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  • Hello, @Puneeth HP
    Thank you so much for your assistance.

    SKU management is one of the main challenges I'm facing right now.
    Every year, SKUs are added to the database and others are deleted.

    Since my model focuses on school books, the most common is that one new SKU replaces a very similar one with the same School Subject School year - Type (workbook/book) - Editor.
    In order for the sales data to be passed down, it is crucial to establish a connection between the SKU that is leaving and its replacement.

    The issue is that because a single Editor can have multiple books for the same Subject - School Year - Type, I am unable to create a single key to establish a relationship between SKUs leaving and SKUs entering the system.

    I've considered a lot of different strategies for keeping track of the SKUs, but I haven't come up with any workable ones.
    Have you have any advice?