Level 2 Sprint 2/3 SYS08 issues with Parent Family


In rebuilding for the 2nd time due model loss, I am having an issue with getting the products to be assigned to their product family so I can get the correct values in SYS08 SKU Details and then use it in DEM03 Demand Forecast.

Images are what is in SYS08 and the Blueprint of it.

Where am I going wrong, it has become a major time loss

trying to go back and forth with rebuilding a second time.



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  • ramonito
    Answer ✓
    1. Please check the List Product, if they are not orphaned (loaded properly to correct parents)

    2. If the above solution did not worked, is it possible to also share the Property and the Details of the General List Product Family? In case you have issues on the display Name.

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  • Kanishq17
    Answer ✓

    I think you have not mapped product list to product family , please reimport product list to map to prod family hierarchy , then SKU P1 parent will be identified