Excel Import - Month Format on csv


I'm in the process of building a bulk load export/import process. The (no time dimension) module has 2 lines" Start Month and End Month (both "Month")

When I export to csv, the date format looks like "23-Jan" (Formula bar looks like: 1/23/2023).

When I try to reimport the file, it gives an error saying that "23-Jan" doesn't exist as a period. If I reformat the line as Text and use "Jan 23" then it works.

Is there an easier approach then having to manually change the format, as I'm not seeing the ability to select the date format on the import.


  • Hi @cmast

    You can make use of a custom time list initially for the re-import which matches with the CSV exported column headers months format. Then in the anaplan model, once after the import is done, you can re-map into time dimension by using lookup.

    Or else instead of CSV export and re-import, you can make use of .txt file to avoid this difficulty.

    Hope this helps!

    Please let me know if anything else is required here.

    Puneeth HP

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