Notification Button - Sender Confirmation


We have added a notification button on a dashboard for users to send when they have completed their work. We recently received a request to have the user be notified that they sent the notification. Currently the notification is set up with the email users that need notified and the user sending can not add their email to it. Is there a way for users to see if their notification was sent or somehow be copied. We do not want to add all the users to this notification though.

Look forward to hearing your response

Best Answer

  • Tiffany.Rice

    Hey there - currently there is no functionality to copy a the notification sender or to view a history of notifications you have sent.

    However, a confirmation is received in the form of a pop up dialogue on the screen so there is some feed back mechanism to let users know the notification request was processed.

    I could certainly see the value in CC: type functionality, perhaps you can add that to the Idea Exchange to put it on the radar of Anaplan's R&D team?