model search


Is this search feature buggy?

I don’t think it is working as is. For example see below:

I search for ‘calc’ I only want results with calc in it

Below also gives results with references that contain c AND a AND l AND c

This is not correct. The search is limited here. The Boolean logic behind the search does not seem correct. I only want results with calc as a complete string

I believe it is buggy or needs improving.

Please explore and advise.



  • Hello Ravinder, is this feature a bit helpful because when you do the search, it shows first in the listings the string you have entered, then followed by something similar (like a fuzzy search, in case you do not really know the name of the Anaplan dimension).

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  • Thank you

    Yes I noticed this. But I prefer the search to only show results of the search string and not additional results.

    Maybe a search filter here would work better instead of this unnecessary noise.



  • Hi,

    Actually this search filter helps for everything like: Modules, Lists, saved views and line items etc.

    We have a particular filter in each of the pages for module search and list search but in between somethings it's helpful to search and open directly any of modules, lists, etc without moving to other tab.

    However I liked the feature for a quick search.