Check Your Work - All Products not showing


I am in the INV01 Inventory Ordering Module, and for some reason, the All Products isn't showing in the drop down - it's only by Product Family.

In the P3 SKU list in the Data Hub, you can see that the parent hierarchy is correct - or at least it seems to be. I've also checked the imports again to make sure parent was chosen correctly and it is. Any thoughts as to why All Products is not showing up as an option in the INV01 Module?

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  • Anamarie
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    I figured this out - it was because I had done Selective Access on some of the lists when I was practicing on how to do User settings/security settings. After deselecting Selective Access on some of the lists, I could see All Products


  • Hi @Anamarie You can give top level as "All Products" to P1 Product family. I hope this may solve your issue.You can refer the screenshot attached below.



  • Thank you! I checked the lists in both the Data Hub and Supply Chain, and they both have Top Level as All Products (like your screenshot). I went back through the imports as well and everything seems to have been done right, based on the mapping and the lessons.

    Thanks again for responding!