Excel Add-In "Send & Receive" detects no changes


I am very new to Anaplan
I have become proficient at extracting data, but this is my first attempt to update our forecast.

But I can't even get past the first step.
I change the data, but when I hit "Send & Refresh" it detects no changes

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  • Dazz
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    It appears the issue is related to the specific module I'm trying to access.
    I need to use the ones labelled "input" doh!


  • Hey @Dazz If you would like to PM me i can hop on a call and help you troubleshoot a bit. Its kind of hard to provide a sufficient answer without more background on the SV and setup. First thing that comes to mind though is when you are creating a new connection make sure to select the dropdown and select READ/WRITE Connection.

  • Kathryn23
    edited September 2023

    Thanks for sharing this information.}-->Receiptify