Anaplan level 1 lesson 12


How do I do Create Forecast Periods Saved View?

In the model, open the OTH01 Non Employee Expenses module.

Create a new saved view: 

  • Filter: Forecast Months only 
  • Save and name the view: Forecast Periods

Can somebody help me with this?


  • KirillKuznetsov
    edited August 2023

    Hi @pvenna

    To create a saved view of a page you have to:

    1. Open the module you want to make a saved view of.

    2. Set all necessary filters/selected-items-to-show/sorting/color formatting/etc.

    3. Go to: View → Save as…

    4. Create a name that fits the function of this view.

    5. After that, this view will be available for you in View → Open as well as in Contents panel and Model search