Lookup Error message

Hello all,

I'm currently working with a model that provides weekly forecasts for all products. My goal is to obtain forecasts categorized by product type (S or W) instead. However, when I attempt to use a lookup, I encounter this error message : "Format of mapping used for lookup doesn't match any dimension of the source". Could you please assist me? I've attached a screenshot for reference.

Target model : Forecast of products W : dimension(Product list, Time Week)

Source model : Forcecast of all product : dimension(Product list, Time Week)

Maping : Product type

Product type is a line item


  • Hi,

    Did you verify the mapping format? Double-check the format of the mapping you're using. Ensure that the mapping correctly corresponds to the dimension you're trying to map between the target and source models.


  • Hi @raavikant

    Thanks for your answer i cant figure it out, I get this error messages :

  • @SAtrane

    FYI :

    LOOKUP: We use lookup when we have different or missing dimensions in the target module from source module.

    SUM: We use some when the source module is dimensioned by the list and target is having the dimension but in a Line Item format i.e. list property.

    As the dimensions are similar so instead of using LOOKUP there use SUM, it will work further.