How to INSERT or UPDATE a record in MS SQL with AnaplanConnect export action (jdbc properties)



We have a requirement to export Anaplan data into a Microsoft SQL Server database. We have requirement that, need to insert in a table if new records or replace with existing records.

As per Anaplan Connect latest user guide shows it’s achievable with REPLACE or INSERT IGNORE SQL commands.

But I’m facing following error message and none of the records updated/inserted into the table.

I'm unable to insert new record or update existing record with below SQL statement. Kindly help me /suggest me if I'm doing wrong or we can't achieve this requirement.

Please help me.

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  • Did you try this SQL code in SQL manager?
    Did it insert the data?

    If not then problem is in SQL code.

    It seems it tries to insert data to [Master] data base, and it could be that your data base has another name.

    [data base name].[dbo].[SQLDB_tbl]



  • Hi Konstantin,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    I tried the above SQL query to run directly but it's not successful due to it's not a valid command.

    REPLACE is a function to replace a string.

    I'm looking a solution "how to update a record or insert if not available in a table through Anaplan Connect?

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