Formula - limiting values returned


Looking to limit the values returned within a module, which I've made a start on the module showing in the right hand side , where limiting by currency. However, if I then also wanted to limit by say GL Category or GL code, how would I go about this? Any help would be welcomed on this



  • List subsets can be used when you are trying to limit the dimensionality of a given module. Is this what you mean by limit?

    Or are you trying to resolve a formula error? Is the same $$ being repeated across Revenue, COS, Tolling etc. ? If so, you likely need an additional SUM: condition in your formula to incorporate the GL Category. Think of this similar to a SUMIFS function in Excel, the $$ gets aggregated only when both conditions are true.

    CAL04 Phased CoS Overheads - Currency Test'.Total Value Local Currency[SUM: 'Map16 CoS Currency'.CURRENCY, SUM: 'Map16 CoS Currency'.GL CATEGORY]