Importing is not updating correctly

Hi all,

I can't figure out why my importing is not updating correctly. the mapping is correct but when i cheek it, the ligne item is not updated.

pic attached for more details.


  • Hello, the column 3 "Code" does not match with the list P1 Articles. You should update the P1 Articles list before importing.



  • Neyla
    edited August 2023

    hi @etiennevalles76

    Thanks for your answer but i have a probleme with the 1540 article updated but not with the data from the importing source i can't figure it out .

  • @SAtrane

    Run the action again and when there is an issue, look on the Details tab for further information. I agree with @etiennevalles76 that your "code" looks like it has issues, most notably greater than 60 characters.