Import Fail - Invalid Date or Time Scale Error


Hi Team,

In Level 3, I have imported activity 4.6.1 Historic Revenue by Product. I'm facing issue with the Time Dimension even though I used the Time Range concept

Any ideas on why this is 'Failing'? Is this because of the Model Time scale as a "Week" SS



Best Answers

  • TristanS

    @Dev_08 Column B in your input file is in Quarters so I would recommend you update the Time Scale in DAT05 to Quarters as well. This should hopefully address your problem

  • KirillKuznetsov

    @TristanS is right. You always have to make sure that the granularity in the source file and in your target module match. If you need to get the data on a weekly level you can use MONTHVALUE() formula in a separate line item.