NUX Filter Levels


In classic I could have L1 displayed of a three level hierarchy and still give the end user the ability to reselect L2 or L3.

However, in the NUX when I filter the grid down to L1 then I lose the ability for the end user to select L2 or L3. Is this achievable in the NUX?


  • TristanS
    edited September 2023

    @kjochim I believe you set the data source to the grid as a Module Views. This type of data source will restrict the levels to what you have selected in your saved view. You should change it to "Custom Views" on the left of the screenshot below and just configure your grid in the UX

  • @TristanS I was using the Custom Views and configuring my grid in the NUX. However when I limit the displayed levels in the config, the end users lose the ability to select them back and they are very unhappy about that. Looking for a work around.

  • @kjochim Simplest fix would be to enable display of all levels by default and users would then be able to select the levels they want displayed. The only other alternative to that I can think of would be to apply UX driven custom filters which users may not be too happy about either. Essentially you would have another grid in the UX where users would select the levels they want displayed. Please advise if the last option I mentioned is something you would consider and I can post the logic for it then

  • @TristanS Given the lack of functionality in the NUX to accomplish this, I'd love your workaround to present to my end users. Thanks!

  • @kjochim So here's the workaround details

    1.Create an input module for users to select what level they want displayed (as per example below)

    2. Create a calculation module that determines level in the hierarchy a list item is at. Note getting the setup of this correct is critical.

    line item Ratio Counter for example has NO dimensions. It is not a "-". It is blank

    The ratio calculation for each line item are as follows:

    3. Create filter module that determines whether to display the list level (note summary below needs to be formula)

    4. Apply a filter to your UX grid / module

    IMPORTANT TO NOTE: After level selection has been updated, the user needs to refresh page. Anaplan will not automatically update the display.

    Sample outputs below (highlighted in yellow item users must click after updating the "Select Level to Display" grid