Level 2 Sprint 3 Beginning Inventory, Forecast Demand, and Suggested Order Line Items


I am using this formula 'DEM03 Demand Forecast'.Final Forecast to pull final demand forecast value, but I am not getting any values.



  • Hi @suraj_Anaplan

    can we see the blueprint of the DEM03 module, please? or a drill down of the "forecast demand" line item in INV01? Thanks

  • Hi @AlejandroGomez , here is the screenshot of DEM03 Module. Please

  • but does DEM03 have "Time" dimension? If it does not have it, then I would say that in your INV01 module, for the LI "Forecast Demand" you should include the SELECT function: [SELECT: time.all periods] (also assuming that you have the "all period" summary enabled in your time dimension)

    Else, does the list "Accounts" have a top level item?