Cards Filtering Other Cards

edited September 2023 in User Experience

You will see two cards in the attached photo. Card 3 is departments for a company, and Card 4 are the capital request submissions for each department. My issue is that if i click on any project in card 4, it filters card 3. Basically, if say card 4 has project ABC that belongs to department "Queens Burger", which is part of division Food and Beverage, if i click on ABC, it reduces card 3, which lists Queens Burger plus other F&B outlets, plus non F&B outlets, to just the departments that are in the division F&B. It seems like card 4 has the concept of "division", and it filters card 3. I would like card 4 to not affect card 3.


  • HI @poetnquant

    make sure that for your card 3 the option "hierarchy filter" for the dimension Departments is turned off (assuming that there are no more cards on your page, only the 2 you have mentioned). In your example you just need "hierarchy filter" enabled in Card 4.