Limit on the number of variance columns I can add to a table


It seems that I can only add a maximum of 10 variance columns to a Management Report table:

It would be really useful to be able to add 12 as I'm trying to show variances for each month. Is there any way I can add more?


  • In Anaplan, the maximum number of variance columns that can be added to a management report table is indeed limited to 10. This limitation is set by the platform and cannot be exceeded.

    However, there are a few workarounds you can consider to display variances for each month:

    1. Consolidate variances: Instead of showing variances for each month individually, you can consolidate them into broader categories. For example, you can display quarterly or yearly variances instead of monthly ones.
    2. Use a different visualization: Instead of using a table, you can explore other visualization options such as charts or graphs to represent the variances. This way, you can display more data points without being limited by the column count.
    3. Create multiple tables: If it is essential to display variances for each month separately, you can create multiple management report tables, each showing variances for a subset of months. This approach may require additional space on your report and may not be as convenient as having all variances in a single table.

    Remember to consider the readability and usability of your report when deciding on the best approach.