Dynamic Display by Language Selection

edited September 2023 in Best Practices

Problem Statement

Ever wonder how to display your data in a different language format in Anaplan or simply just want to cater to language display options based on user selection?

Step-by-step guide

We need all the lists that require translation to be defined and it is best to have modules with definitions of each language to be published in the UX.

Note: remember to use Numbered list.

To make it driven by the user who consumed the dashboard, create a Parameter module with a List formatted line item for language selection. Then link all the display name properties’ formula of the numbered list to LOOKUP for the selected language. Then use the same lists for the modules needed throughout the model.

For better maintenance of the language definition, publish the modules with list definitions to the UX.

You might have seen various approaches to this problem but I hope this is useful for you. Would love to see how you apply this technique. Please share them in the comments below.