Displaying your data as a Calendar view

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Problem Statement

Ever wonder how to display your data in a calendar format in Anaplan or simply just want to have a color-coded display based on a specific alert/indicator in a calendar form?

Step-by-step guide

We just need 2 simple lists Day of Week and Week Number to start with.

Then we need 2 modules Day of Week Mapping and Calendar Map to turn it into a calendar display.

For the Day of Week Mapping module, we just need Time dimension at day level and Line Items. I've included the screenshot of the Blueprint view for reference.

For the Calendar Map module, we just need to bring all the lists together (Time, Day of Week, Week Number) with a simple SUM formula.

Publish the calendar map module into a Page and add a bit of formatting, display options, comment display and you will get a pretty useful display of Calendar in Anaplan.

Hope this is useful. Would love to see how you apply this technique. Please share them in the comments below.




  • Really amazing visualization!

  • This is great, thank you. Just started building something similar a week ago and this helps tie it together.

  • Hi Leo,

    Thanks for sharing this! This is awesome!

    Can you let me know what the Parameter.DOW number in the formula of Weeknumber increment is?



  • @AmyX good catch there. It is basically a result of start of week selection.

    As a result of that, we can display the calendar in a more dynamic way.

    Hope that helps. Glad to know this was useful.



  • @pyrypeura @MJM glad to know this was useful.

    With a bit more creativity, some of our colleagues have come up with something like this. Combining with the current date automation https://community.anaplan.com/t5/How-To/Easily-Get-Current-Date-Using-CloudWorks/ta-p/120636 and you will get an automated calendar view adjusted to the current month.



  • @LeonardiT - that's really cool! any more info on the nuts-and-bolts/architecture to get one there. My use case is having a page that outlines the key events during the month for the planning cycle (e.g. imports, model to model syncs, plan due dates, etc.)


  • @adpinto thanks for the feedback! The guide above is basically all you need to get the calendar display. You can have a list of tasks (e.g. imports, model to model syncs, plan due dates, etc.) in another module then you can link them into the calendar display and add conditional formatting or even emoji icons to display the activities on the specific dates. With TEXTLIST formula, you can concatenate all the text displays into the same cell.