Sort when there are 2 dimensions in row


in the NUX, how can we sort time dimension (newest to oldest) when there are 2 dimensions on the row (see example) ?
Many thanks for your help.

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  • Hi @manuebilly

    I think you should be able to use the RANK function. Create a line item that ranks the date values

    eg: RANK(date, descending, sequential)

    and then apply the sorting to that line item.



  • Hello Alejandro,
    thank you for your reply.
    I've already tried to create a line item ( item(time) ): but Anaplan doesn't allow us to sort anything on a line item when there are 2 dimensions on a a row.

  • ah yes.

    This is a maybe a bit clunky but you could create a Line Item concatenating both dimensions. Eg: Aug 14 - Cora SA

    Then create a new list made of all the concatenated items.

    Finally, create a new module with the new list. This new module will display all the data from the original one in a single dimension that can be sorted.

  • "sort" is not active

  • Thank you
    I wanted to avoid to sort many years ;)