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  • anand.shekhawat
    edited September 2023

    Just on time to participate in one of the brilliant knowledge sharing thread. As most of the technical points are majorly covered, I would want to put up few, that I would want follow. So here you go.

    • 1) Detailed Documentation: Before making any changes, ensure you have detailed documentation of how the module currently functions. This should include formulas, relationships, and any other relevant configuration.
    • 2) Test Environment: Use a separate test environment to make changes. Anaplan allows you to create copies of models for testing without affecting the production environment.
    • 3) Backup: Create a backup of the model or module before making significant changes. This allows you to revert to the previous state in case of issues.
    • 4) Assess Potential Impact: Assess the potential impact of your changes on other modules. Will existing formulas be affected? How will input and output data change in other modules?
    • 5) Thorough Testing: Conduct thorough testing in your test environment to ensure that changes work as expected. This includes reviewing data and outcomes in other modules.
    • 6) Communication: Communicate planned changes to other users or teams that may be affected. This ensures that everyone is informed and can make necessary adjustments to their processes.
    • 7) Cross-Review: Collaborate with other model builders or Anaplan experts to review your changes and assess their potential impact from different perspectives.
    • 8) Change Log: Maintain a change log that includes details of what was modified and why. This facilitates traceability and troubleshooting in the future.
    • 9) Continuous Monitoring: After implementing changes in the production environment, continuously monitor results and be prepared to address any issues that may arise promptly.

    And for any reason, we disrupt the current functionality of the model, Anaplan's Restore option allows us to revert the model to any previous state at our convenience.

    Happy Anaplanning.