Importing module


Hey community, hope you can help me with these one.

In my Data Hub model I have a module to fed the others which includes different columns such as CCs, Accounts, Entities, etc.
For the CCs specifically I create a mapping module which map some CCs to their parent level (these to avoid creating too many cost centers on the rest of the models and keep it simple and at a higher level).

So I need to have my final CC line item: Which takes one CC list at base level if the boolean is off or the high level parent if this is on. But I cannot use the if statement formula for line items with different lists.

Which is the best way to build the formula?


  • So your final CC line item will need to be a text line item since like you mentioned above you'll have a level mismatch referencing the CC list when the format is set to High Level CC.

    You can try something line this for the text line item:
    IF NOT 'Filter top level CC' then Name(Cost Centers) else Name('AN High Level CC').

    Once you have this text line item you can create a few more FIND ITEM line items to get your list members.

    But in the end this is not best practice to link a child to a parent. It would be best to have the Cost Centers list roll up into the High level CC list and then you can have a Settings module on the Cost Centers which has the Parent(Cost Centers) in a line item. This would be much easier to use future state then trying to skirt native parent child relationship.