Add a button to a dashboard

I have dashboards built out for budget owners in the model layer not app layer of anaplan. I would like to add a button that essentially gives the budget owner the option to add an additional FTE to their headcount and plug in the respective salary of the new hire and see the financial effect of adding one additional person. How would i go about adding this. I know you can add buttons to dashboards in the app layer, can you do the same with dashboards in the model layer?

Best Answer

  • Hello!

    If you have a dashboard in the "Old" UX of Anaplan (ie. a dashboard in the model, and not an App page) you can still publish processes/actions to it. I would still consider evaluating if the current App based UX would better suit the need, given it is the current front-end Anaplan is actively improving on. That being said, the below can be used to add actions to the model dashboarding layer if using the App is not feasible for this use case:

    1. Go to your actions pane in the model itself.

    2. Select a process or action you want on the dashboard.

    3. With it selected, click the "View" menu and hit "Publish to Dashboard" then select the desired dashboard.

    4. Go to the dashboard and adjust the layout as needed.