Button on Dashboard not working


The picture above highlights the problem, every time i use the button Add Sub-GL/Vendor Item, the chart to the right should update with the name, GL account, for each department. I tried to add a new vendor expense under admin finance and legal called "anaplan", the gl account i choose was called software/subscriptions. After using the button, the page selectors default from software to consulting & external, the chart to the right shows accounting, audit instead of software, and it doesnt show the name "anaplan", it shows enter description.

The following picture is the logic behind the button:

The A6 sub/gl list looks like this when i open it:

Everything says enter description, and its not tied to the department i need (admin, finance, legal). This is the formula driving the display name:

The module being referenced in the display name formula is here:

Here is the output:

How do I resolve this? all i wanted was to be able to input each departments software contracts so that a budget owner can come in and see there contracts. This originally went south because the logic was set up so that all contracts regardless of the department fell under software, subscriptions.


  • Your display name cannot be dimensionalized by something else. It looks like in the module you have it dimensionalized by Leaf level Department and A6 Sub-GL/Vendor. The list you want the display name for is only the A6 Sub-GL/Vendor.

    I would recommend removing the Leaf Level Department as a dimension on your description line as Display names are 1:1 with a list member. Alternatively, if you turn on a summary method of First non-blank or last non-blank, you should see something (Assuming there is something input), but that means that you have many cells that would be not used since there cannot be a many to one relationship of display names to list member.

    Right now it is pulling from the top level of Leaf Level Department, but you have summaries turned off, so it is always represented by a BLANK.

  • I did everything as mentioned, it still shows up as "Enter Description" my question here is if i remove the Leaf level department, how will i be able to specify which subscription is tied to which department in the app layer? I basically need something where i can plug in every subscription by department so i can track spend.

  • I typed in anaplan in the app layer and this was the result:

    However, this subscription is not tied to a specific department, which is the problem. As i toggle through the leaf level department page selectors, i find that anaplan will be there if i choose Sales dept, finance, or HR. I need it to only show for admin: finance & legal.

    Here it is on the numbered list:

    Here it is on the module:

    I wanted the module to have a page column with leaf level department so that i can see the subscriptions under each department

  • @croufail20 : the Display Name needs to have 1 to 1 connection with an element list when added under GL-Vendor combination and cannot vary by "Department". You cannot have a different "Display Name" based on the Department. "Display Name" is a property managed in the System module of the Sub-GL-Vendor List.

    You could consider that for an entry in the list Sub-GL-Vendor is associated to a particular Department (so the department is also a property of the Sub-GL-Vendor List).

    in this case you can add the line-item Department near to Display Name…this way you will not need to have in the module the List "Department". and you will be able to aggregate data by Department as "property".

    The Department line-item can be added in the form the same way as "Description".

    hope it helps