Changing formula scope does not re-apply to line items?


I have a formula which was written with the formula scope set to 'All Versions', then realised that I only need it to apply to 'Current Version', so I changed the scope but the data is still showing in the actuals and the forecast (all versions).
If i add a new line item and set the scope first, and then use the exact same formula, it only shows the data in the forecast as expected.
Is there a way to change the formula scope and apply it, I have tried deleting the formula, changing the scope and entering formula again, but it seems the old versions data is not being removed or replaced.


Best Answer

  • pyrypeura

    Hi, one option to get rid of data on other versions would be to set formula scope to All Versions and formula to 0. Then remove formula set formula scope only to Current version and then reinput the original formula.