Percentage of Parent and Parents Parent


Hi all,

I am trying to find a way to calculate the Sales % of a items parent, and also of the Parent of the items parent.

Below is an example of what I am trying to achieve,

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  • AkhilEmmanual

    Hi @GMS ,

    You can achieve this by setting the summary as ratio.

    Here I had created couple of line items

    Sales - For entering data

    Total - It will be having parent as dimension so Sales will be summing up and coming here according to its parent.

    Total 2 - To get parent sumup data against all child member { Total[lookup:parent] } .

    formula for finding % is Sales / Total 2.

    And to get summary create one more line item(All Products) with no dimension and refer sales there so u will get sum of all products value. In summary of % line item keep it as ratio and set Sales / All Products.

    I hope this will solve your issue.




  • @CommunityMember94297

    Percentage to total can be easily achieved with the LOOKUP function. SUM is used when you want to add things up and LOOKUP is used when you need to pluck out one value.

    The most effective strategy is to calculate once and refer often. So in this case I'm using a system module (DISCO) and referring to the volume of the respective enterprise. Each store belongs to a DC but in our Store system module we calculate the PARENT of the PARENT.

    The key is to calculate once!

    You got this!

  • Thanks @JaredDolich , close to what I want but not quite.

    In my example for Fruits, the percentages summed to 100%, each fruit being the percent of Fruits Total.

    Then Fruits is a percentage of All Produce.

    I can get the Percent of Parent to work fine, but when I select say 'Fruits' it shows 100% and not the percent of total

  • Thanks @AkhilEmmanual ,

    This is working mostly now, thank you!,

    One question is the All Product Line item, I can see it has the little grey box next to the name, what setting or input gets me this? This is the last part I am trying to get right.

  • Hi @GMS ,

    That is actually subsidiary view. Remove Applies to , Keep it blank. That line item doesn't require any of the dimensions.

    Regards ,


  • Thanks, Figured it out, I have one other dimension in the model that I need to include in the 'Applies to'!

    Much appreciated for the quick responses!