Add a list item from a module

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Hi all,

I am struggling a bit to find a way to add a new list item from a module.

So, I have this module in which I let the user insert the product, the product code and finally the customer group; the final result are three new list items I need to add to the relative list, that is ps01 product (which is a numbered list and also the father of ps02), ps02 product | customer group (numbered list as well), customer group (flat list). All lists have already been populated, so they are not empty.

I saw that once the create action was available, but now it's not anymore.

How can I handle this?

Thanks in advance,



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  • AkhilEmmanual

    Hi @LucaRicci ,

    One way u can acheive this is by creating a couple of actions and putting it in a process.

    1. Create a Saved View of ps01(display name) and its code . Import into Ps01 list (Map it with code).So now ps01 is created.
    2. Create next saved view by selecting ps01 code, ps02 name, ps02 code and import into ps02 . Here while mapping set parent as Ps01 code. So now Ps02 is created.Same saved view without mapping parent if u import into ps02 flat then that list is also created
    3. Add all these actions into a process.

    I hope this will solve your issue.