Disadvantages of Numbered list

Can someone elaborate the Disadvantages of Numbered list


  • Hi @princekokkera1234

    As you probably know, in order to create a normal list in Anaplan, all you need is a name. Therefore, the name acts as unique identifier of each item on the list, or primary key (ideally, every list should have a code, and the code would play this function of the primary key, but the only mandatory and unique field of a regular list is the name).

    There are instances when the name being the primary key poses and issue. The most common scenario is when you need repeated names in your list, as for instance, in employees lists. In this case, the unique identifier for each list item will be a number assigned by anaplan, such "#125". Then, you can use a property in the list as "display name" to "conceal" that meaningless unique internal anaplan number and show a more meaningful name to users.

    Numbered lists are also useful when the name of the list items exceed 60 characters in length or as staging lists to add let users add new list items with ease, among others.

    In summary, from the performance or data usage stand point, numbered lists do not suppose a difference from regular lists, so there are no outstanding advantages or disadvantages in using them.

    Here you can find more insights about numbered lists and when to use them:



  • I am not sure if it is disadvantage or not but if you are using numbered list and you need to show meaningful name to end user, you need to use display name properties otherwise it will show (#1,#2….)

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    As a numbered list having the advantage of using more than 60 char. Then using display name properties is an advantage in itself. If you want to show a long concatenated name in the list, then it'll be helpful there. So we can't identify it as a disadvantage; depending on the requirements, we can switch the approach.



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    With a numbered list, you are not able to specify the item by the display name in a formula. Suppose that an Employee has a display name "John Smith" and the item code is his employee ID "123456". With a numbered list, the system name is just a serial number like #435. You cannot FINDITEM(Employees, "John Smith"). You can only use FINDITEM(Employees, "123456").