How to clear dependent dropdown selection without error



I have created dependent drop down list line item. . See below example data entered by user. Activity is based on Project.

Activity Project
Activity A Project A
Activity A Project A

Later user changed Activity value to Activity B and forgot to change the related Project. But Project is still having value based on previous Activity A.

Activity Project
Activity B Project A
Activity A Project A

I have tried by creating an action which clears Project line item.

  1. Created two line items called "Blank Project" with same format as Project and kept it as blank(means without selecting anything from drop down)
  2. Created a saved view with this line item and imported to original line item.
  3. The original line item is getting cleared but I am getting below error.

When I run that action it is throwing an error like "List item doesn't exist" as blank is not present in the list
Is there any solution for this, if yes please help me.

Best Answer

  • jagadishdash

    Activity is dependent with Project . It's working for me with "NO Data". Please do let me know if you're looking for something else.


  • jagadishdash
    edited September 2023


    In your step 1: you have created a blank project line item with the project format.

    Instead of that make blank project line item format as "No Data". And follow the same step2 and 3 and it'll work.



  • Hi Jagadish,

    I have already tried with the line item which has format as 'No data' but still I am getting the error " Item not located in projects list".

    Is there any other solution for this

  • I have changed in the mapping target items prior to clear prior to import to All items instead of mapped item. It works now. Thanks