Time Context Selector filter - Filter context issue


I'm attempting to set up a filter for the time context selector on a page. My goal is that when I choose a particular branch, the options for time periods in the time context selector should adjust accordingly. The availability of time periods for each branch should be determined by a specific filter module. I'm using a specific filter module where I use a boolean to indicate which time periods should be displayed.. Both the target module and the filter module share the same dimensions. However, the filter doesn't seem to be working as intended, and I believe the issue is related to the "filter context." I was under the impression that as long as the target and filter modules share the same dimensions, this "filter context" mapping should happen automatically.

Could you please help me understand what I might be doing wrong?

Thank you!

Best Answer

  • Hi,

    As you have months in context selector it doesn't have any O3 Branch item selected against it. You could use this filter by having months in columns and O3 branch as page selector in a module. Then you can set this filter and use Current selection as value for O3 branch.