Prior Year Value: Page selector?


How can I view the actuals for a previous year, regardless of the current year? For example, if if July 2023 is selected, I want to see the full year 2022 actuals. Similarly, if July 2024 is selected, I want to see the full year actuals of 2023.

My current logic is only working for 2022 actuals.

Actuals = Amount [Lookup: 'ADMIN - Time Selection'.PY]]

Best Answer

  • Konstantin97

    Hi @ashasli!

    In this case you can create another line item for lookup, let's name it "Previous full year", it should apply to months and have a "Year" format. Write down the formula "Parent(Parent(Item(time))) - 1", so for every month it should show you the value of previous full year.

    Formula in line item should look like this and also line item should apply to months

    Actuals = Amount [Lookup: …..Previous full year]]

    So you will get Full previous year value in every month, I also recommend you to set "average" time summary to get the right value for Qs and FYs