Retrieving data from one store to Another

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Hello everyone,

I have one question regarding a dev I am currently working on.

Here is the question :

I have a line item that retrieves quantity from a file :

Those quantities are splitted through different stores :

Now, the need is to merge the quantities of B01EUR and B03USD so that it becomes the quantities of B05USD. Basically, it should be :

if Store = B05USD then quantities of (B01EUR + B03USD).

But somehow i can't work around on how to do it

Thank you very much for your help


  • Hey Hugo,

    You can create one line item in your import data module to map stores with the imported store line item

    Then you should be able to sum the quantities off of the mapped store line item

  • Should you build a hierarchy so BO5USD should be parent of BO1EUR and BO3USD?