Consolidating the actions output into 1 file


Hi I have a process defined in Anaplan that is made up of 4 actions which triggers 4 alert modules and when the process is run we get 4 different csv files as an output but I want 1 consolidated file containing all the 4 files information. Please suggest how this can be done in Anaplan?

Best Answer

  • anand.shekhawat

    No Ashish,

    The functionality that you are expecting is not possible in Anaplan.



  • To get one consolidated file you have to create one consolidated module. Otherwise if you are pulling out data from 4 different modules using 4 different actions, you would get 4 different files only.


  • Hi @Anand, Thanks for your answer, However I do know that I need to have a consolidated module. But I was asking whether there is any workaround apart from building the consolidated module, that can take care of this issue.